2019: year of gastronomy in Marseille

2019: year of gastronomy in Marseille

2019: year of gastronomy in Marseille

Marseille likes to put great themes in the spotlight depending on the year. In 2013 and 2018, it was culture that won the prize and then the sport in 2017.
For this year, 2109, it will once again be an enticing theme: gastronomy.

Marseille – Provence 2019, year of gastronomy in Provence

With its name alone, the event is promising and puts the taste buds in turmoil. Proof of the ambition of the organizers, the godfather, who is none other than Gérald Passédat, the chef of the restaurant “Le petit Nice” in Marseille, with three Michelin stars.

A call for projects was launched until last October to support initiatives aimed at highlighting all the actors of gastronomy in the Bouches-du-Rhône and offering them a real springboard, while also ensuring a varied program and eclectic out throughout the year. Already announced the “White Night of Gastronomy” and meals until breakfast, a celebration of the thirteen Christmas desserts, a festival of Mediterranean cuisine and a contest of the most “Great aioli of the world”

The MPG year (Marseille Provence Gastronomy) 2019: Regional products in the spotlight

Panisse-based fries (a Provençal specialty based on chickpea flour), bouillabaisse (and all its variations), AOCs (the most recent of which are thyme and Rove bush), street cooking in the Phocean city … Without forgetting the Greek influences that are found everywhere in the regional cuisine!

The flagship products of the region will find a beautiful showcase at the discretion of the events. Cultural events, festive, artistic and above all greedy, there will be something for everyone. What to feast for several days, according to the events.
Shows, demonstrations, culinary workshops, markets: Marseille and all the Bouches-du-Rhône territory will be the scene of small culinary and taste treats.
And because the food waste is one of the current unavoidable preoccupations and that the fight of each against this scourge is essential to prepare a beautiful future for our children, the year MPG 2019 decided to give him the fair share in its programming . Because culture, celebration and gastronomy are not incompatible with ecological conscience, on the contrary!
Beautiful year of gastronomy in Marseille and beautiful year 2019 to all!

Santon Christmas fair in Marseille

Santon Christmas fair in Marseille

The Santon Christmas fair in Marseille: A global event

At the approach of Christmas, for many years, Marseille is adorned with its finery. As in many cities in France, the Christmas market will come to settle, to allow everyone to find original ideas for Christmas gifts, with its Santon Christmas fair . Crafts local or exotic, everyone will leave with enough to put under the tree. Since November 17 and until January 6, 2019, more than eighty cottages await you on the Old Port, near the Ferris wheel, on the Quai de la Fraternité.

Christmas Santons fair in Marseille since 1803

If the Christmas market has become somewhat banal, in Marseille as elsewhere, the Phocaean city is home to the approach of Christmas and the beginning of the advent a much more typical fair: the fair Christmas Santas . The Provencal crib and its famous terracotta figurines (its famous santons) is one of the most entrenched traditions of Christmas. And the Santons fair in Marseille is the oldest fair in France.

The Christmas Santons fair in Marseille has been held every year since 1803 and is known all over the world. This 216th edition will be no exception, offering such diversity that it will be difficult for everyone to navigate among the multitude of colors and characters on offer. To each his little trick to find his bearings … If the tourists and the curious walk around the twenty-six santonniers present, connoisseurs come list in hand, find the same craftsman every year. And take care to avoid duplicates.

Our offers to spend a weekend in Marseille

The santonniers workshop on the Christmas Santas fair

You wonder how are the santons made? You would like to know the techniques, the materials, the know-how of the santonniers? Come to discover their work thanks to the workshop of the santonniers. In the Place Charles de Gaulle, you can follow the manufacture of these traditional figurines step by step. Do you have any idea of ​​the time and the minutia needed to make the santons? From modeling clay to decorating, molding, stamping and baking … Attend demonstrations every week-end until January 6th and enjoy the Christmas time to stroll through Marseille.

Successful holidays at 7 years

Successful holidays at 7 years

Holidays at the age of 7

At the age of 7, a child is still a real baby to take care that must find ways to properly distract before the next school year. It is essential to organize the holidays of your child of 7 years to offer him a dream vacation. Here is the list of things to do for the holidays of a 7 year old child.

The holidays at 7 : family moments

It is essential to spend time with family during the holidays. It should be noted that it is not an obligation to go on vacation to fill a child during the holidays. The best solution is to spend a lot of time with your child. Gardening, DIY, outings to parks and funfairs, the list can be long.

Family vacations are also part of family time. Holidays at the grandparents’ house would be wonderful to be pampered. But holidays with cousins ​​are also the most coveted. We spend the whole day with the lovely cousins. These family moments are ideal for building strong relationships.

Family trip

For parents who have the opportunity to go on holiday with their children, the idyllic would be to travel together, even for a little while, in a heavenly place. Holidays are moments, like holidays, to spend without exception with the family. This is the moment when everyone benefits from each member against the time lost in daily routines. The destination under the hot sun of the beaches or under the snow mountains, there is complicity and sharing. The joy emerges on the faces of parents and children during his stays. But for those who do not have this opportunity, the best is to send the toddlers in summer camp 7 years.

Stay in holiday camps

To fill the holidays of a 7-year-old child, why not send him to a 7-year-old summer camp? Here is a good idea to make a holiday of his child a real experience for the latter. In this place, the child leaves totally his comfort zone, he is confronted with situations that are new to him. Another universe for a child certainly, but safe under the eyes of professional monitors.

The fulfillment of the child is obviously at the rendezvous with the diversity of things that awaits him there. The situations in which they will be placed will push them to grow: they will not only grow in maturity, but also in responsibility. A 7-year-old summer camp offers a good number of activities to practice indisputably during the stay.

It’s a good time to make discoveries by visiting and walking. This is also the time to experience new experiences by participating in unusual activities: underwater dives in the sun or under the ice in the snow. Not to mention that there are educational games and sports games.

31° Festival Instants videos of Marseille

31° Festival Instants videos of Marseille

The Instants Vidéo de Marseille makes its festival in November

Thirty years past, the festival Les Instants Vidéo de Marseille opens for its 31st edition on November 7th.

This year, the title of the International Festival of Video instants in Marseille is promising: “Humans of all countries, caress! ”

Voluntarily provocative, this expression puts forward the objective of this event: meetings between internationally renowned artists and the public, as often, but also between various disciplines relating directly or indirectly to the video, digital and poetic arts.

This is, as every year, a title and not a theme for the festival. Each artist is free to take inspiration from it or not. Like the title of a poem collection, it gathers behind its cover a true constellation “poétronique”, composed of exhibitions, projections, performances, meetings, concerts, debates and antics and an opera in three acts and three days.

This unprecedented revolutionary opera will be given from 9 to 11 November to celebrate May 68 and the 2000 years of the poet Ovid: to transform the world (revolution) and change life (poetry).
In total, no less than 244 works (210 singles, 26 installations, 5 performances, a concert and an opera) will be presented at La Belle Mai’s Friche by 190 artists from 46 countries.

Video announcement of the 31 festival of video moments of Marseille

31es Instants Vidéo (2018) from instants video on Vimeo.

The body in all its states
Two exhibitions will welcome visitors from November 9 to December 2.
“There is absolute danger only for those who surrender” at the Panorama Tower, 3rd floor.
About fifteen artists will invite us to find a new posture, to move to find a new point of view that does not blind us. They will challenge us on the state in which are the bodies of the human beings in these times where a part of the humanity tolerates that its peers from elsewhere are rejected, parked, abandoned to the waves, unwanted …?

“The body as far as the eye can see” in the machine room
Four artists offer us a reflection on the relationship between man and the environment, nature. “Does the absence of any human presence in a space mean that it is empty, desert? ”

Visiting Marseille for a few days, a few weeks or a few years, come and discover this festival of Instants Vidéo of Marseille, a real laboratory where artists and works of international reputation rub shoulders and works still fragile, in preparation, delicate.

Full program, schedules and access to the festival website: www.instantsvideo.com

Old port of Marseille

Old port of Marseille

Visit Old port of Marseille

The Old Port of Marseille is a “monument” almost as well known and visited as the Eiffel Tower or the Pont du Gard. Between Fort Saint-Jean and Palais de Pharo, it is the whole history of the Phocaean city that sins in this roadstead. Going for a leisurely stroll through the stroll of the Midi is an opportunity to discover some emblematic elements of the city not far from the Panier Area.

The fish market, of course, alive and colorful seven days a week. The Quai des Belges from which escapes, perpendicular, the famous Canebière. On the islet Thiars the restaurants and restaurants are neck and neck. Be careful however to tourist catches! At the end of the Quai de la Place aux Huiles, the Navy Bar which served as a backdrop for Marcel Pagnol for his famous card game that no longer opposes Marius to Caesar.

The Old Port of Marseille is also the oldest port of Marseille

but it is also the historical and cultural center of the city. You should know that this city dates back to antiquity and was the economic center of Marseille until the mid-nineteenth century.

Find all the special offers of the hotel Edmond Rostand in Marseille and enjoy it during a romantic weekend

The Old Port of Marseille is today a marina, which attracts a large crowd that meets there as well as tourists. His visit offers us a real journey in the corridors of time; First, the Palais de la Bourse or Charles de Gaulle square but also the discovery of the Town Hall which dates from the late seventeenth century. You can also visit “Cabre’s House” dating back to 1535, which today is the oldest house in the city.

She even survived the destruction of the neighborhood during the Second World War. Not to mention also to visit the museum of Old Marseille housed in the Maison Diamantée.

The Old Port of Marseille is also one of the most bubbling areas of the city. The people of Marseille love to meet in restaurants and cafes to party especially the nights when the OM football team wins. If you plan to go to the islands near Marseille, it is from the Old Port that the boats leave.

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Booking hotel room at the best price

Book a hotel room at the best price

The price of Hotels on the Internet: the big lie. How to book a hotel room at the best price

Booking a hotel room : Since customers looking for a hotel are connected to the internet, they are now searching online. And when it comes to booking a hotel room or finding a cheap hotel the list of proposals is long. The booking engines were not mistaken and they trust the first places for the hotel booking.

Hotel booking sites

Since about twenty years that I work as independent hotel, I have experienced profound changes in the booking habits of consumers who are my customers.

Being in regular contact with them at the reception of my hotels, I tried to understand why online travel agencies type Booking and Expedia to name a few, had for some years almost monopolized the hotel booking market online, and how this market had escaped the hoteliers themselves, the latter being forced to pay high commissions on each room sold by these intermediaries that we will call in hotel jargon the OTA (acronym Anglo-Saxon meaning: Online Travel Agency) .

These online travel agencies have seen their turnover grow in recent years in a continuous and sometimes dazzling;

To name a few, BOOKING.COM, a very profitable Dutch subsidiary of the American PRICELINE, now accounts for more than 30% of the bookings recorded on the French Hotel booking Market, for an annual turnover exceeding 6 Billions of Euro, 35% of profit margin … .that’s right!

Of course, you should know that the commissions paid by the hotels affiliated to Booking.com, are paid monthly directly to its Dutch subsidiary, and thus escape most taxes such as VAT through the mechanism of Auto Clearing.

In the hour of economic patriotism, that’s all.

On every booking recorded on BOOKING.COM, the hotelier gives back at least 17% of commissions, and again it is a minima of which we speak, because obviously booking proposes to the hotels which wish it, to increase this percentage substantially in return for a better ranking in the categories of hotels sought by customers eager to make good deals at the best price.

For our readers who would not know it yet, for every booking made by you future and very dear customers through the Internet portals of these unavoidable distributors, the Hotelier pays between 18% and 25% commission to each of the agencies mentioned before.

The room sold can be commissioned to more than 45%, Booking offering for example an option on its website reserved for hoteliers who would have chosen, to put their establishment in the ranking of the first pages of its website booking.com, thus promising to improve the attractiveness of the hotels that would like it, and at a high price.

This is what BOOKING calls in its jargon to seize an “opportunity”

This opportunity is achievable by the Hotelier itself through the website booking.com dedicated to hoteliers that allows him, in three clicks, to target the dates chosen to boost sales of its rooms on slack periods for example, to possibly define the targeted country, and to finish by choosing the rate of retro-commission that the Hotelier thus wishes to release for the benefit of booking.com, as the extracts opposite show it.

Book a cheap hotel directly

Booking  hotel room directly on the hotel website saves you money
Booking hotel room directly on the hotel website saves you money

Booking a hotel room directly on the hotel website saves you money
For some time google offers when we do a search on a hotel an insert on the right of the page with the main info, customer reviews, a carousel and prices offered to book a room in this hotel.

If you are looking for a cheap room in Marseille, you say “thank you Google to help me compare to find where to sleep for cheap. ”

If we go on the principle of Google is my friend, which in this case is not quite true.

When you are looking for a cheap hotel, check its website and more specifically the booking page of its hotel and you will see more than remarkable differences.

In the example of the hotel Edmond Rostand in Marseille, you can book a room for the night from 19/3/17 to 20/03/17 for 45 € live. Hotel booking sites are all more expensive, from 49 € to 53 €.

Edmond Rostand Hotel Booking Marseille

EXPEDIA proposes to its hoteliers to participate in programs in partnership with online travel agencies (SNCF travel type), marketing packages “Train + Hotel” or “Flight + Hotel”, for an increased commission of the order 25%.

You will tell me, it does not matter, because for us, who are customers and informed consumers, everything is transparent and we settle for what we would have paid probably by having booked directly with the Hotel.

Why then would we go farther?

Even better, tempted by the good deals, and the promises made by all the advertising campaigns carried out by these big groups (of which not only one is French, let’s remember it here), you the consumer you believe winner by booking on these Internet sites portals, imagining that the price level practiced in these online agencies such as Booking and others, is much lower than you could have found by booking directly, without going through them.

Alas, as always promises only those who listen to them, as our famous politicians like to hide it.

Here are the reasons.

This belief, so entrenched in the minds of each future client of our institutions, takes root as we have already mentioned in the hype carried out by each of these large groups who spend lavishly in social media, traditional or internet by the purchase of keywords paid a fortune to try to convince you that thanks to their effective marketing policy and their great sense of business, they were able to find for you THE best price, by negotiating bitterly business with the hoteliers they were able to convince them to participate in their program.

Know that in the majority of cases now, it is not.

You, future customers, should scratch the coat of varnish of the media packaging that is proposed to you by the OTA to go further in your search for the best prices and benefits, and for the following reasons:

1- It is the Hotel itself that sets the number of rooms it wants to sell on the Internet:

And of course it is in direct sales with its customers, or it is on the platforms of distribution of OTA type Booking or Expedia.

It is also the Hotelier himself who decides to submit its offers as well as its availability of rooms on OTA booking sites, by closing a rate offer or by deciding to increase the price of the rooms he has chosen give them back.

And of course, OTAs have every interest in hiding it.

Take the test yourself, trying to make a fake sale on an establishment that is marked as “complete” on the site booking.com, and try to make a direct booking with the Hotelier, either by phone, or well on its official website if provided.

You will find that in some cases (not in all, of course), you will find a miracle of availability where a few minutes ago the hotel that you had targeted at your favorite OTA had yet been reported as having sold all its rooms.

Why will you tell me ? And quite simply because the Hotelier obviously seeks to preserve a part of the margin that the distributors claim, and that in case of direct sale it will thus avoid having to pay the famous commission to these OTA.

Logic no?

2- It is the Hotel itself that sets the rate of rooms it wants to sell on the Internet:

We have already mentioned and we come back on this crucial point, the Hotelier will seek to sell at the best price available rooms by offering them on the internet or in direct sales by phone including.

Keep in mind one important thing: the hotel sets all the prices it gives back to the OTA, this price level can be revised downward or upward almost instantaneously by the Hotelier himself, thanks to the famous website dedicated to hotels that OTAs encourage each of the affiliated hotels to connect to daily.

So why choose a live offer rather than give in to the disconcerting ease with which a hotel can be booked in less than 5 minutes via these OTAs?

Simply because the hotelier will increase the price of the rooms sold at the Booking et consorts, so as to recover a portion of the commission he must pay them monthly.

And yes dear customers, it is YOU who pays the commission of these operators for your hotel room.

The famous 15% to 30% commissions are reflected in the prices charged to these operators.

For example, be aware that our hotel offers a more elaborate price range than that dedicated to Booking and Expedia, less an average of 10% off the prices charged for these same OTAs, for the same room and the same services.

Single, double or triple it will be the same thing … ..

So why in this case hesitate?

Why, dear customers, should you continue to pay a high price, which is more the purpose of which is to self-feed a process that ultimately serves only to serve you?

Why continue to play the game of OTAs that obviously have no desire to see the celestial manna escape by making you glimmer like the lark that a better deal will always be a deal concluded with the help of their intermediary, and who live therefore only thanks to you, and especially to your wallet?

By booking directly to the Hotel without going through Booking, Expedia and all the others, you will get in the majority of the cases better rates, and better conditions and for the same room or the same service.

Still, do you know how to get there ……

Nothing is easier for that as we will see together in the next chapter.

3-How to book a hotel at the best price?

That’s it, you have targeted your hotel, watched carefully the comments that were posted on the websites of these OTAs, and finally you have chosen to book the offer that seemed to be the most interesting.

There, you must stop your move to take the credit card out of your wallet, and start going a step further in your approach.

Before paying or giving a credit card number, open a new window on your computer or mobile phone screen, and enter the name of the hotel you have targeted in the Google search bar, for example.

You will fall in 80% of cases on the official website of the Hotelier, which you can contact directly by phone or by trying if it is to book online directly at the best rate guaranteed.

And here it is thanks to this little research that you will recover purchasing power, on the basis of a “win / win” system

Win for you, dear customers, because you will be sure to make real savings on the offers that are available to you.

Do not forget to check the offers of hoteliers who can offer great opportunities depending on the filling rate in low season for example, or specific offers for weekend lovers or holidays.

Hotel promotions are not lacking, just know how to search.

Winner for us hoteliers, because you will be certain to be in contact with the real decision makers, and that we will have hotel us all latitude to try to find with you solutions to the possible problems concerning your specific requests on your bookings carried out on line ( last minute cancellations, modification of dates of stay, etc) without having to go through an intermediary who would sell pollute our joint action.

To conclude this article and to give you an idea of ​​the stakes, know that BOOKING and its parent company PRICELINE spent more than one billion Euros on keywords on Google

Also remember that the money used to buy these keywords goes out of your pocket.

So, why hesitate longer?

Book your hotel online when you can or contact us via our form. Do you want to know more ? Call us at 04 91 37 34 95.

2018 Women Mediterranean Film Meetings

2018 mediterranean women films meetings

Make yourself a canvas with the Women Mediteranean  Film meetings

It seems that 2018 is the year of women ! Since the explosion of the #MeToo phenomenon on social networks, women are present everywhere and put in the spotlight as soon as we can. Except in Marseille. In Marseille, we did not wait until 2018 to give them their rightful place. Since 2006, the Women Mediteranean  Film meetings has been a showcase for talented Mediterranean filmmakers. And the 13th edition of this festival, which will take place from 4 to 21 October, dares the question that everyone asks: “But what do they want? As Coline Serreau already asked in her 1977 film of the same name. With the highlight of the week-end in the presence of the talented director of the cult “Three Men and a Bassinet” – just adapted for the first time to the theater. with Alex Vizorek, Bruno Sanchez and Ben, ed.

Mediterranean women on all shades

Since their creation, the Mediterranean women fimls meetings have been honoring women directors from both shores of the Mediterranean and allowing as many people as possible to discover their works. This rendezvous is absolutely unique in Europe because of its two facets: South cinema and women’s cinema. A cinema that wants to be demanding and often disturbing, brilliantly mixing comedy, drama and intimacy.

  • Book a hotel room at the best price in Marseille

Marseille meetings throughout the meetings

A weekend in Marseille is not enough to fully enjoy the meetings. Because if more than forty films will be screened, conferences, exhibitions and animations are also announced. Here is an overview of the appointments scheduled throughout this edition:

On October 4th, opening of the photographic exhibition of the IWPA (International Women Photographers Award), at the gallery of the Agnès b. The exhibition will be visible until the end of the meetings.

  • October 6: projection-debate at Mucem “Women’s rights in the Mediterranean: revolution, regression? “.
  • October 6 and 7, still at Mucem : “70s – Cinema of women. But what do they want? In the presence of Coline Serreau.
  • October 8, meeting around activism on the Internet at 8:30 pm at the Fabulerie.
  • October 12 at Mucem, conference “Mediterranean: gender, violence and overcoming”
  • On October 12 at the Villa Méditerranée: “13 in short” will propose 13 short films in competition, submitted at the public price thanks to his vote.
  • FFM prizes will be awarded on October 13, during the closing ceremony: the France 24 documentary prize, awarded by the team of the program ActuElles; and 3 prizes for short films, public awards, jury and high school students.

A 2018 vintage that looks promising!

Book your hotel in Marseille near the old port

The RFF in 5 figures :

45 films (including 3 previews, 2 French premieres and 10 unreleased films)
25 guests around Coline Serreau
24 countries represented, from Algeria to Turkey, via Cyprus or Romania
8 screening locations in Marseille, including Mucem
5 steps in the region, in Port-de-Bouc, Cucuron, Toulon, Hyères and La Ciotat

The full program is available on the Rencontres website : https://www.films-femmes-med.org

September at Sea in Marseille

September at Sea in Marseille

Discover September at Sea in Marseille

Summer is finished. So what ? Should we stop thinking about the beach, the waves, the good weather? No way ! In Marseille, the return is “September at sea in Marseille“. A whole month turned around the maritime world.
From September 1st to 30th, there will be something for everyone. Curious, in love with the sea, sportsmen, young and old, everyone will find something to have fun, be moved and approach the return of the right foot by making the summer last. More than two hundred events and events during this September at Sea in Marseille will allow you to explore the environment, science, industrial and maritime heritage and history.

Hotel in Marseille close to the station

Change your point of view on the sea in Marseille in September
Inaccessible places usually will open their doors. Take the opportunity to visit the site of the Navy (but be careful, remember to register, for obvious security reasons), discover the cornice of Marseille aboard a boat that will take you from the Old Port to the Pointe Rouge or again the Planier lighthouse from Friuli and the Old Port. You like to sail, do you prefer to be interested in what is under the sea rather than on the coast? But under the sea, you still have to go. You have to be able to explore. It takes men, knowledge, equipment, skills … And if you were going to take a look at Comex during this month of September at sea in Marseille? From 17 years old, visit the hyperbaric chambers of the test center and the hydrosphere.

Cheap hotel in Marseille

Get to know the sea in September

For the youngest, go to the house of the sea and its aquarium, to learn all about the riches of the marine world of the Marseille and Mediterranean coast and its greatest threats. The youngest will be able to participate in educational workshops while the older ones will attend a conference on “Mediterranean marine biodiversity” and that everyone will be able to gather around a fun quiz to test their knowledge. And as it is good to know the sea and its ecosystem, but it is even better to protect this wealth, take a little time to participate in cleaning the beaches of Friuli or the nautical base of Corbiere.

But still: initiations to sea kayaking, wakeboarding, sailing, paddle or even to the Polynesian canoe … September at sea in Marseille are guided walks, circus, stories … All to spend a month of September at sea link:  and enjoy all the marvels that can offer Marseille.

At the entrance of Marseille explore the creeks

Visit the Marseille Creeks

Explore the creeks of Marseille !

The month of August settles in Marseille as in the rest of France. Lucky holiday tourists and Marseillais all have the same urge : find a little slice of paradise to take a dip and bask in the sun. This is the ideal time to take a stroll in the creeks, in search of a quiet place to enjoy the slow pace of summer.

Only worry: which place to choose? How to avoid the crowd? Because they are very popular and since the creeks national park was created, they have become world famous. This land and sea park, insular but also perimetric: it is the first of its kind in Europe.

Visit the creeks (c) Pixabay
Visit the creeks (c) Pixabay

Walking on the hiking trails, by boat, or even, why not, underwater scuba diving in Marseille which is the ideal starting point to explore these beautiful cliffs that throw themselves headlong into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. And if the landscape and the islands of the creeks are breathtakingly beautiful, the cliffs also shelter rare species of birds, which come to breed there: grand duke, peregrine falcon, or eagles …

Go visit the creeks from the Old Port

From the Old Port in Marseille, you can take a shuttle and thanks to the proximity of our hotel in Marseille ! By road, you are in the heart of the Calanques National Park, in the Frioul archipelago ! Also remember to take your swimsuit and also mask and snorkel to take a look at the surface. And from the marked trails of the islands of Pomègues or Ratonneau, you can observe the coves enjoying a breathtaking view overlooking the bay of Marseille.

And while you’re there, do not go back to port without visiting the famous If castle! If you prefer sea-faring and you like to venture off the marked trails, take a shuttle bus: towards Cassis and La Ciotat, you will admire the coasts of the national park of the creeks in the middle of the beautiful blue.

Do not leave Marseille without visiting the coves during your stay in Marseille!

This summer in Marseille : plan B at Mucem

Plan B in Marseille at Mucem this summer

This summer in Marseille: plan B at Mucem

Summer is often the season from the outside. But in Marseille, where we live outside all year round, it’s time to take advantage of Plan B : Mucem’s exhibitions. The Mucem ? The museum of civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean.

Book an Hotel near Mucem in Marseille

This building is open to the sea and to the sea and its unusual and spectacular architecture houses the first major national museum dedicated to the Mediterranean. Whether you have already visited or planned your first visit, the Mucem welcomes you all summer with dedicated exhibitions: this is Plan B.

A month of August furious in Marseille

From August 1 to August 31, 2018, Plan B is the Mucem in summer time.
And this year, the museum has muscled the high summer: it is a month of large format festivities to share with family or friends seven days out of seven. Friendliness actually increased. It is to offer in the heart of Marseille, whatever his age, whatever his desires, whatever his tastes 496 hours of offbeat programming. It’s getting ready for meetings and discoveries, laughing, dancing and singing J4 at Fort Saint-Jean to dance.
Thanks to Plan B, Fort Saint Jean will be the place for lively outdoor evenings. Wednesday, children’s day, will change into a day of performance and entertainment: banquet, dance, music or circus … Thursday, the day of student nights par excellence will give the rhythm of the summer with concerts and DJ sets electro. On Friday, you can make a canvas under the stars, with open air cinema. And finally, Saturdays will transport you in various worlds through surprising readings.
Appointment for the opening night on August 1 with four hours of concert to the rhythm of the new sounds of the Mediterranean.

And if since the fort Saint Jean, the Mucem also allowed you to enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure around an aperitif under the Mediterranean sun? Well installed on the ramparts, let your mind wander and sail with the lapping of the big blue.
Nice summer !