Street art at Cours Julien Marseille

Street Art Cours Julien Marseille

The Street art of Cours Julien in Marseille

The district Cours Julien in Marseille, is located on one of the many hills of Marseille. It is famous for its Street Art graffiti and is designated as the neighborhood “boho” (bourgeois-Bohemian) of Marseille. There are many trendy bars and restaurants; as well as theaters, and many shops with facades redecorated by graffiti.

The Panier, in the 2nd arrondissement, is the old town of Marseille and its epicenter. Here you will find bars and restaurants run by locals and tourists alike: Oogie Lifestore, WAAW What An Amazing World or La Cantinetta.

Street Art Cours Julien Marseille - Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017
Street Art Cours Julien Marseille – Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017

The “Ju” cours is a must visit for all those who stop there, it is the trendy area for good food, local shops, main attractions such as the Cathedral of Major (the second oldest church of Europe) and of course the amazing murals found in its narrow streets and buildings.

Place Jean Jaurès, more commonly known as La Plaine, is an emblematic place of Marseille’s popular culture. This palce is full of places to discover. You can find a micro brewery and taste local beers. For catering you can have lunch or dinner at Lacaille restaurant.

The Julien court in Marseille is a lively place and stirring, there is always something going on. Stay connected to our blog to be kept informed of activities and events in Marseille.

Street Art Cours Julien Marseille - Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017
Street Art Cours Julien Marseille – Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017

Start your hunt on the wall near the old charity of the Place des Pistoles (square with many outdoor cafes) where you will be greeted by the giant wall of a fisherman selling sardines, which is quite the symbol of Marseille . But always keep in mind that all these graffiti are ephemeral. Between the moment we talk about it and when you will visit the Cours Julien in Marseille, they will probably have been replaced.

The pink elephant (with white dots) of the julien course in Marseille 09-2017
The pink elephant (with white dots) of the julien course in Marseille 09-2017

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Several neighborhood associations support the Cours Julien.

Then, from ruined walls and shutters to nooks and crannies, you’ll see wall paintings sneaking around. Artists are regularly invited to redecorate a space of 5 x 3 meters, located on the wall of the bar Surcouf, at the corner of rue Crudère, and Cours Julien. Each month an artist takes over and paints a new fresco.

Street Art Cours Julien Marseille - Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017
Street Art Cours Julien Marseille – Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017

Shining in the sunlight as it sets on the old port, these murals give the street a vivid color and represent a part of the social life of Marseille. You can discover the Cours Julien in Marseille via two Google applications: Google StreetView and Google Night Walk.

Street Art Cours Julien Marseille - Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017
Street Art Cours Julien Marseille – Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017

It is clear now that the Art of the Street holds its place in the City of Marseille: The variety and use of colors are simply breathtaking to such an extent that the Tourist Office of Marseille even organizes guided tours of the city. The Cours Julien in relation to specialized guides ; some tours are even specially organized for children.

News for street art in Marseille :

Two shows holding the top of the pavement and celebrating urban art in Marseille, are scheduled until January 2018: a retrospective of hip-hop at the Museum of Contemporary Art and an exhibition on street graffiti at MUCEM.

The graphers also follow the news.

Indeed, a graphist from the neighborhood known as Julien painted this portrait in tribute to the draftsman Cabu, died at the attacks of Charlie-Hebo in January 2015; this fresco is currently Rue Bussy

the Indian, next to the Cours Julien; the artist engaged on a duty of memory titled her work “I am Charlie”.

Street Art Cours Julien Marseille - Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017
Street Art Cours Julien Marseille – Edmond Rostand Hotel 09-2017

How to get to the Julian course in Marseille:

The cours Julien is not far from the old Port of Marseille, you can go there by Metro (line 2, stop: Notre Dame du Mont). The hotels in the neighborhood are non-existent; plan to reserve one a few hundred yards away.

The Cours Julien is right in the center of the old town of Marseille

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The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens

The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens in Marseille: six thousand years of history

The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens: Six thousand years of Mediterranean history in Marseille

Do you know the Mediterranean Archeology Museum ?

As the name suggests, it takes you into the meanders of history. And, like the collections it houses, it is not new, in the landscape of Marseilles. Why, then, talk about it?

Simply because from March 8, the permanent Middle East and Mediterranean Basin will reopen. Six thousand years … It is nothing less than six thousand years of history that you can travel all around the Mediterranean.

Did you know that major inventions were born here? In this part of the globe? With this story that unfolds from the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, but also Greece and its banks, until Roman Italy through the most symbolic Mediterranean islands, you will discover knowledge still used today.

Technical progress that still accompanies us in our daily lives without even being aware of it. Beyond the object, this temporary exhibition of the museum offers us the link between the object and the man, between sociology and history …

In the different spaces, the visitor navigates between technical: invention of glass, writing, copper alloys … All these techniques are related to the needs and constraints that drove artisans and technicians to create the develop and use them.

The second Egyptian collection of France is in Marseille

Beyond this route, the Mediterranean Archeology Museum is also home to the largest collection of French Egyptian antiquities, behind that of the opus.

A little known feature of this museum, which has real historical treasures. How was this collection made? With patience and at the mercy of archaeological excavations and discoveries sometimes amazing and related to chance.

And although the Egyptian collection is remarkable and remarkable, thanks to its scenography, which allows a total immersion of the visitor and a disconnection of everyday life, the trip offered by the museum begins in Mesopotamia.

The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens in Marseille: six thousand years of history
The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens in Marseille: six thousand years of history

He then takes you to Cyprus, where his civilization is revealed to the visitor through his archaic figurines and ceramics. Greece then invites itself into the journey, before Rome, which is illustrated through glasses, bronzes and antique marbles.

By pushing the doors of the Mediterranean Archeology Museum , you will cross the borders of the Mediterranean according to periods, prehistory, history, through geography and daily life.

A journey through ‘space and time that will make you know and love even more the Mediterranean and its shores.

Practical information :

Price: 6 euros / 3 euros reduced rate
Opening hours: 9h30 to 18h from Tuesday to Sunday

Go to the Mediterranean Archeology Museum :

Address: 2 rue de la charité in Marseille 13002
Metro Line 2 – Joliette Station
Tram line 2 – Republic Ladies Stop
Bus line 55 – Stop République

From the hotel: 14 min TramT3 then 5 ‘walk
From Rome Dragon Station 5 min every 7 min

Sophie Calle settles in Marseille’s museums

Sophie Calle settles in Marseille's museums

Sophie Calle settles in Marseille’s museums

Have you ever considered museums in Marseille as elements of a treasure hunt? This is what Sophie Calle offers through her “five” career. Investing not one, but five museums, that offers a beautiful playground for this artist. Inviting the public to follow her as she was known in the seventies to follow strangers in the street, that adds a little irony to the emotion and poetry that emerge from his work.

Sophie Calle is one of the most famous French visual artists around the world. She has exhibited in many countries, from Japan to Chile, but also in prestigious art venues, such as MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. Yet it is a first for her: not only expose outside Paris, but in several different places. “I call people to watch what I do … They are not spinning mills,” she says mischievously. No obligation in this course, no sense of the visit to follow: everyone is free to start and finish wherever he wants.

However, each of the five places will have its own installation, on a dedicated theme.

Choose your museums in Marseille!

At the Museum of Natural History, stuffed animals and classifieds gleaned in The French Hunter answer each other in unusual, funny and surprising ways.

In the chapel of the Vieille Charité, the artist evokes her mother disappeared through a mausoleum she dedicates to him. And if you want to hear him read his mother’s diaries, then plan to extend your stay in Marseille: it will not take you less than forty-two hours!

At the Museum of Decorative Arts, Earthenware and Fashion, at Château Borély, you will discover thirteen videos in which Istanbul residents discover the sea for the first time. Sayless films in which Sophie Cale captured the first emotion of those who, although living in a city surrounded by the sea, had never seen her.

  • Visit the old town of Marseille

At the Musée des Beaux-Arts, you will have to raise embroidered curtains to discover the videos whose raison d’être is written on the same curtain.

Finally, at the Grobet-Labadie Museum, she hid sixty objects that have marked her life, from her wedding dress to a burnt mattress … It’s up to you to follow this amazing tour and discover Sophie Calle’s story through her everyday objects. . And make you want to follow her in the new adventure she would like to live: the theater.

Practical information: Sophie Calle’s “Cinq”, at the mercy of Marseille’s museums

Until April 22, from Tuesday to Sunday from 10h to 18h.
Coupled ticket for the 5 museums: from 8 to 12 euros. Free every first Sunday of the month.
“True stories” at the Grobet-Labadie Museum, 140 boulevard Longchamp, 1st.
“See the sea” at Château Borély, 132 avenue Clot-Bey, 8th.
“Rachel, Monique” at the Chapel of the Old Charity, 2 rue de la Charité, 2nd.
“Because” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Palais Longchamp, 4th.
“The French hunter, hopefully and supervised freedom” at the Museum of Natural History, Palais Longchamp, 4th.

31° Festival Instants videos of Marseille

31° Festival Instants videos of Marseille

The Instants Vidéo de Marseille makes its festival in November

Thirty years past, the festival Les Instants Vidéo de Marseille opens for its 31st edition on November 7th.

This year, the title of the International Festival of Video instants in Marseille is promising: “Humans of all countries, caress! ”

Voluntarily provocative, this expression puts forward the objective of this event: meetings between internationally renowned artists and the public, as often, but also between various disciplines relating directly or indirectly to the video, digital and poetic arts.

This is, as every year, a title and not a theme for the festival. Each artist is free to take inspiration from it or not. Like the title of a poem collection, it gathers behind its cover a true constellation “poétronique”, composed of exhibitions, projections, performances, meetings, concerts, debates and antics and an opera in three acts and three days.

This unprecedented revolutionary opera will be given from 9 to 11 November to celebrate May 68 and the 2000 years of the poet Ovid: to transform the world (revolution) and change life (poetry).
In total, no less than 244 works (210 singles, 26 installations, 5 performances, a concert and an opera) will be presented at La Belle Mai’s Friche by 190 artists from 46 countries.

Video announcement of the 31 festival of video moments of Marseille

31es Instants Vidéo (2018) from instants video on Vimeo.

The body in all its states
Two exhibitions will welcome visitors from November 9 to December 2.
“There is absolute danger only for those who surrender” at the Panorama Tower, 3rd floor.
About fifteen artists will invite us to find a new posture, to move to find a new point of view that does not blind us. They will challenge us on the state in which are the bodies of the human beings in these times where a part of the humanity tolerates that its peers from elsewhere are rejected, parked, abandoned to the waves, unwanted …?

“The body as far as the eye can see” in the machine room
Four artists offer us a reflection on the relationship between man and the environment, nature. “Does the absence of any human presence in a space mean that it is empty, desert? ”

Visiting Marseille for a few days, a few weeks or a few years, come and discover this festival of Instants Vidéo of Marseille, a real laboratory where artists and works of international reputation rub shoulders and works still fragile, in preparation, delicate.

Full program, schedules and access to the festival website:

2018 Women Mediterranean Film Meetings

2018 mediterranean women films meetings

Make yourself a canvas with the Women Mediteranean  Film meetings

It seems that 2018 is the year of women ! Since the explosion of the #MeToo phenomenon on social networks, women are present everywhere and put in the spotlight as soon as we can. Except in Marseille. In Marseille, we did not wait until 2018 to give them their rightful place. Since 2006, the Women Mediteranean  Film meetings has been a showcase for talented Mediterranean filmmakers. And the 13th edition of this festival, which will take place from 4 to 21 October, dares the question that everyone asks: “But what do they want? As Coline Serreau already asked in her 1977 film of the same name. With the highlight of the week-end in the presence of the talented director of the cult “Three Men and a Bassinet” – just adapted for the first time to the theater. with Alex Vizorek, Bruno Sanchez and Ben, ed.

Mediterranean women on all shades

Since their creation, the Mediterranean women fimls meetings have been honoring women directors from both shores of the Mediterranean and allowing as many people as possible to discover their works. This rendezvous is absolutely unique in Europe because of its two facets: South cinema and women’s cinema. A cinema that wants to be demanding and often disturbing, brilliantly mixing comedy, drama and intimacy.

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Marseille meetings throughout the meetings

A weekend in Marseille is not enough to fully enjoy the meetings. Because if more than forty films will be screened, conferences, exhibitions and animations are also announced. Here is an overview of the appointments scheduled throughout this edition:

On October 4th, opening of the photographic exhibition of the IWPA (International Women Photographers Award), at the gallery of the Agnès b. The exhibition will be visible until the end of the meetings.

  • October 6: projection-debate at Mucem “Women’s rights in the Mediterranean: revolution, regression? “.
  • October 6 and 7, still at Mucem : “70s – Cinema of women. But what do they want? In the presence of Coline Serreau.
  • October 8, meeting around activism on the Internet at 8:30 pm at the Fabulerie.
  • October 12 at Mucem, conference “Mediterranean: gender, violence and overcoming”
  • On October 12 at the Villa Méditerranée: “13 in short” will propose 13 short films in competition, submitted at the public price thanks to his vote.
  • FFM prizes will be awarded on October 13, during the closing ceremony: the France 24 documentary prize, awarded by the team of the program ActuElles; and 3 prizes for short films, public awards, jury and high school students.

A 2018 vintage that looks promising!

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The RFF in 5 figures :

45 films (including 3 previews, 2 French premieres and 10 unreleased films)
25 guests around Coline Serreau
24 countries represented, from Algeria to Turkey, via Cyprus or Romania
8 screening locations in Marseille, including Mucem
5 steps in the region, in Port-de-Bouc, Cucuron, Toulon, Hyères and La Ciotat

The full program is available on the Rencontres website :

This summer in Marseille : plan B at Mucem

Plan B in Marseille at Mucem this summer

This summer in Marseille: plan B at Mucem

Summer is often the season from the outside. But in Marseille, where we live outside all year round, it’s time to take advantage of Plan B : Mucem’s exhibitions. The Mucem ? The museum of civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean.

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This building is open to the sea and to the sea and its unusual and spectacular architecture houses the first major national museum dedicated to the Mediterranean. Whether you have already visited or planned your first visit, the Mucem welcomes you all summer with dedicated exhibitions: this is Plan B.

A month of August furious in Marseille

From August 1 to August 31, 2018, Plan B is the Mucem in summer time.
And this year, the museum has muscled the high summer: it is a month of large format festivities to share with family or friends seven days out of seven. Friendliness actually increased. It is to offer in the heart of Marseille, whatever his age, whatever his desires, whatever his tastes 496 hours of offbeat programming. It’s getting ready for meetings and discoveries, laughing, dancing and singing J4 at Fort Saint-Jean to dance.
Thanks to Plan B, Fort Saint Jean will be the place for lively outdoor evenings. Wednesday, children’s day, will change into a day of performance and entertainment: banquet, dance, music or circus … Thursday, the day of student nights par excellence will give the rhythm of the summer with concerts and DJ sets electro. On Friday, you can make a canvas under the stars, with open air cinema. And finally, Saturdays will transport you in various worlds through surprising readings.
Appointment for the opening night on August 1 with four hours of concert to the rhythm of the new sounds of the Mediterranean.

And if since the fort Saint Jean, the Mucem also allowed you to enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure around an aperitif under the Mediterranean sun? Well installed on the ramparts, let your mind wander and sail with the lapping of the big blue.
Nice summer !

MP2018 Marseille “Quel amour ! “

Marseille MP2018 Valentine's Day

MP2018 Marseille, “Quel amour ! “

Five years after the success of the 2013 edition, Marseille launches MP 2018 (Marseille-Provence 2018). The slogan is already promising: “From February 14 to September 1, 2018, culture is once again celebrating its love! ”
On February 14, 2018, for Valentine’s Day, Marseille will offer a beautiful gift to lovers of culture. Seven months of cultural programming based on the theme “What Love! For this MP2018. And an opening in the form of a declaration of love with four days of celebration and a legendary “Big Kiss” on the Vieux Port in Marseille on February 14 at 7pm.

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This declaration of love for culture, arts, theater and all the structures that make it live is of course a declaration of love in Marseille, but also throughout Provence. Shows and cultural events are also planned during this MP2018 in Arles, Aubagne, Istres, Martigues, Miramas and Salon-de-Provence. Exhibitions, performances, festivals, … More than 15 cultural organizations and hundreds of actors gathered to offer everyone a dazzling season, which delight young and old and lovers of all artistic disciplines: music, dance, theater, circus, opera, contemporary art … Everyone will find happiness.

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The word love will be declined over the months:

A for the opening celebrations from 14 to 18 February
M until April 20, according to urban strolls or wild strolls
O from April 21st, with the local hip-hop and land-art scene
U from June 16th, for a tribute to the summer where all the festivals will put in the colors of “What Love! ”
R who keeps his mystery for a colorful closing weekend and surprises.

Just thinking about it, are you dreaming? Prepare your stay in Marseille ! You will find all the detailed events on the site dedicated to MP2018 “What Love! “: