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Menu From Café Edmond

Year 2015-2016

Cold drinks

Alain Milliat Juice Bar

Bottle - 1 Litre
Orange, apple, grapefruit €9.00

By the glass€2.00

Freshly squeezed fruit juice 

Orange, lemon €4.00
Our homemade organic lemonade €2.50

Homemade iced tea

Natural €2.50
Flavoured with a syrup of your choice €3.00

Monin syrups

Blackcurrant, strawberry, mixed berries, green mint, almond, pink grapefruit €3.00
Diabolo – (syrup and lemonade) €4.00

Cold milk

Natural €3.00
Flavoured with the syrup of your choice €3.50

Soft drinks

Coca Cola (33 cl); Coca Cola Zero (33 cl);

Coca Cola Light (33 cl)€3.00


Evian (50cl); Badoit (50 cl) €3.50
Perrier (33cl) €3.00

Coffee, chocolate and hot milk

Nespresso coffees

Expresso €2.00
Hazelnut €2.50
Cappuccino €3.50
Coffee with milk €3.50
Viennese coffee €3.80
Spiced coffee €3.50
Flavoured coffee €3.50
Viennese flavoured coffee€4.00
Iced coffee €4.50
Viennese iced coffee €4.80


Hot chocolate €3.90
Spiced hot chocolate €4.50
Viennese hot chocolate €4.80
Viennese spicy hot chocolate€5.00
Iced chocolate€4.50
Viennese iced chocolate€5.00

Sweet treats

€0.50 à €2.00
(See the blackboard for our current selection)

Hot milks

Hot milk €3.00
Hot milk with honey €3.50
Flavoured hot milk €3.50

Teas and Infusions

Enjoy our selection of Dammann Frères teas…
The teas and infusions marked with a black dot (•) are available for sale in the shop.

Dammann Frères's Black Teas €3.90


Mix of green, jasmin and vine peach tea.Sprinkled with flowers leaves, It presents lychee, grapefruit and rose aromats.

Ceylon OP

An ideal breakfast tea. To consume with or without milk.

Bulgarian •

A blend of unsmoked teas from China and Ceylon, it contains the essential oils of rose and blood orange. Raspberry aroma. Sprinkled with orange peel and red rose petals.

Lime •

Strength and freshness complement each other in this Chinese tea which is perfumed with lime oil and enriched with citrus peel.

Cherubim mix •

When China and Ceylon teas meet chocolate, hazelnut and blood orange, our favourite snacks come to mind. Embellished with orange peel and sprinkled with mallow flowers.

Four Red Fruits

A blend of China and Ceylon teas, perfumed with the aromas of cherry, strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant, livened with pieces of strawberry and redcurrants. A deliciously fruity aroma.

Darjeeling •

Its broken leaves produce a full-bodied tea which is delicious with a touch of cold milk.

Oriental •

A green tea blend with the addition of little pieces of pineapple, passion fruit and vine peach. Sprinkled with flower petals and flavoured with wild strawberries.

Dammann Frères's Smoked Black Tea €3,90

Lapsang Souchong •

Whereas It calls to mind the "Chinese tea" for foreigners, It represents the "stranger tea" within chinese cutlure.Its powerful tinted relish has become a classic.

Dammann Frère's Infusion€3.00


The verveine is a perennial plant harvested just after Its blossom. It offers kind scents with touches of lemon. Its savor is extremely fruited.

Folliet's Green Teas €3.90

Jasmin Green Tea
Gun Powder Tea
Green Detox Tea

A flavoured blend with green Yunnan tea, green maté and rooibos from South Africa.
Green Mint Tea
Unfermented green tea leaves that are rolled into a ball with Nanah mint leaves.

Père Blaise's Plants Mix €3.00

Countryside Green Infusion



The breakfast is served from 7.a.m to 10.a.m within the hotel's café.

All-You-Can-Eat Buffet €10.00
Express Coffee €3.00
Tea/Chocolate Express €4.80

Sweet Dish €4.00
Salty Dish €6.00
Sweet Treats €0.50

Price & Booking

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