Day Use hotel Marseille : Day room during the day

by | 27 Jul 2018



What does DAY USE Hotel mean ? The term “day use” is commonly used by hotels around the world to mention a guest who will use a room only for a few hours during the day. For a long time, these reservations were processed manually at the reception.

Day use hotel Marseille

Day use hotel Marseille

From now on, the Edmond Rostand hotel allows guests to book a dayuse room in Marseille.

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Would you like to book a day use room ?

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Booking a day use room is easy and day hotels give you a room for the day and also save you money.

Your day Hotel allows you to book and leave the Edmond Rostand Hotel the same day, so you can book a room for the day or hotel at time for your business or leisure.

Many day hotels or micro-stay hotel offers offer prices that are cheaper than night rates. You can book a room for the day, for a day hotel, to catch up on a bit of sleep, to take a shower or use the wifi or to relax and cool off before an evening or a business meeting.

The day use hotel, the hotels by the hour or the hotels for a few hours allow guests to stay in cheap rooms located in Marseille. We will give you the space you need in the heart of the city at a fraction of the cost. Hotel rooms are a popular choice for business men or women who want to make the most of their time.

Day use hotel available in Marseille near the city center, Vieux port, Mucem, Velodrome, in the 6th district.

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