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The Old Port of Marseille is a “monument” almost as well known and visited as the Eiffel Tower or the Pont du Gard. Between Fort Saint-Jean and Palais de Pharo, it is the whole history of the Phocaean city that sins in this roadstead. Going for a leisurely stroll through the stroll of the Midi is an opportunity to discover some emblematic elements of the city not far from the Panier Area.

The fish market, of course, alive and colorful seven days a week. The Quai des Belges from which escapes, perpendicular, the famous Canebière. On the islet Thiars the restaurants and restaurants are neck and neck. Be careful however to tourist catches! At the end of the Quai de la Place aux Huiles, the Navy Bar which served as a backdrop for Marcel Pagnol for his famous card game that no longer opposes Marius to Caesar.

The Old Port of Marseille is also the oldest port of Marseille

but it is also the historical and cultural center of the city. You should know that this city dates back to antiquity and was the economic center of Marseille until the mid-nineteenth century.

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The Old Port of Marseille is today a marina, which attracts a large crowd that meets there as well as tourists. His visit offers us a real journey in the corridors of time; First, the Palais de la Bourse or Charles de Gaulle square but also the discovery of the Town Hall which dates from the late seventeenth century. You can also visit “Cabre’s House” dating back to 1535, which today is the oldest house in the city.

She even survived the destruction of the neighborhood during the Second World War. Not to mention also to visit the museum of Old Marseille housed in the Maison Diamantée.

The Old Port of Marseille is also one of the most bubbling areas of the city. The people of Marseille love to meet in restaurants and cafes to party especially the nights when the OM football team wins. If you plan to go to the islands near Marseille, it is from the Old Port that the boats leave.

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