Christmas In Marseille


Christmas In Marseille

The month of December settles in Marseille as everywhere in France and, with it, its procession of promises. Soon, Christmas In Marseille and New Year’s Eve celebrations will be knocking on our door.

Last year, the Old Port hosted a Christmas market. This year, more than a market, it will be a real Christmas village. And of course, the essential santon fair will be there. For 2019, Marseille offers everyone festive moments to make Christmas a true cult and popular celebration. It is a whole artistic journey that will be punctuated along the streets and activities of the month of December.

The magic of lights

Since November 29th, Marseille has been dressed in its festive attire with the launch of the illuminations, which will delight the Phocaean city until January 5th, 2020. And since the city wants to be a must-see destination for the end of the year celebrations, it is a real artistic journey that will await the inhabitants and tourists this year.

From the courtyard of the Cantini Museum to that of the Old Charity, from Sadi-Carnot Square to the opera house, passing through Longchamp Park, luminous works take you into another dimension as soon as night falls.

It is at this privileged moment that you will be able to admire the dazzling night show of the sparkly fairy on the facade of the opera house from December 6 to 26. Come and discover the powers and magic of this little Christmas fairy on an emblematic building in Marseille, as you have never seen before. And what could be better than being guided by Santa Claus? The magical parade offers you a stroll through the city in the light of your lanterns, before taking you to the opera’s night show on December 7, 17 and 21.

The Christmas program in Marseille has been designed to bring everyone some of the magic and joy of Christmas, young and old, regular visitors to the city, newcomers or visitors passing through. Everyone will find something to marvel at, between digital installations, exhibitions, strolls and various activities, such as children’s stories and the essential presence of Santa Claus.

To make sure you don’t miss any of these highlights, visit the Noël à Marseille website (, where you will find the detailed programme of all the festivities.


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