Sundays of the Canebiere 2018 : Marseille’s beating heart


The Sundays of the 2018 Canebière: Marseille has the heart that beats

In 2018, Marseille offers again the Sundays of the Canebiere to the Marseillais and the visitors.

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Last year, La Canebière celebrated its 90th birthday. To mark the occasion and celebrate this event, the city has decided to put the Canebière in the spotlight and make it “the beating heart of the city” On the last Sunday of every month, many cultural, artistic and festive events are offered to the Marseillais.

If the month of January was not animated, the Sunday of the Canebière are return this Sunday, February 25, for the Chinese New Year. The first edition 2018, which foreshadows what will be the last Sundays of each month throughout the year.

The Sundays of the Canebière: Marseille has the heart that beats

What do we find at the Sundays de la Canebière?

Sundays of the Canebiere 2018 : Marseille's beating heart

Sundays of the Canebiere 2018 : Marseille’s beating heart

Above all, be able to walk, rediscover the Canebière, the architectural heritage of the city at the option of urban walks. Enjoy the serenity of a city center free of traffic. Taste local produce at the bottom of the Canebière river by taking a stroll through the farmers’ market organized by the “Marseille Center” association.

Come to attend outdoor concerts, concerts that will be this year embellished with a major event: a vinyl market, which will be added to the book market and its undeniable success. In addition to music and reading, many artistic activities are represented, from dance to theater to cinema, and many initiations are offered.

New technologies and digital arts are also present, as in 2017, making these Sundays of the Canebière a real “Fab Lab” urban.
For the tenth edition of these Sundays of the Canebière, and the first edition of 2018, the Chinese traditions and culture will be in the spotlight this 25th of February. With a big Chinese New Year parade and “dragon and lion dance” to punctuate this day with a festive and colorful event.

And the rest of the year looks equally promising, with the celebration of classical and contemporary music in March and April and a “Provençal Market of Culture” in May. As for September, the Sunday of the Canebière will be devoted to the heritage and that of October to the gastronomy.

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Program of the Sundays of the Canebière on line on the Facebook page of the town hall of the 1st and 7th districts of Marseille (

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