Weekend in Marseille : Take a breath !


Discover Marseille in a Weekend, it’s possible.

What’s more annoying than to offer a Weekend in Marseille, and not to know where to start not to miss the inevitable.

Do not panic, we are here to help you see more clearly.

We have organized a program of visits, strolls, shopping and restaurants, which without stressing you, will allow you to be relaxed and to concentrate on the essential. Arrange to arrive on Friday evening at the Hotel Edmond Rostand in order to fully enjoy your Weekend in Marseille. You can find good restaurants on the corniche up to the Goudes and even around the Vieux port. You will know how to tease you according to your taste and your desires.

Whether you are in Marseille for a romantic weekend, romantic, cultural with all its museums, its history and culture, to dive, or just to bask in the sunshine, have a good time! The team at Edmond Rostand is at your service, so that your Weekend is a great moment of happiness for you and your loved ones, so that you have a good memory.

All you have to do is choose a weekend of two or three days. Bank Holidays and Days Off you have the choice.

Two-Day Weekend

First day of Weekend: Saturday morning

During your Weekend in Marseille visit the cathedral our lady of the guard, the good mother

During your Weekend in Marseille visit the cathedral our lady of the guard, the good mother

After having taken a good buffet breakfast at the hotel, put on your sneakers and head towards “Notre Dame de la Garde” via Dragon Street; About 30 minutes walk from our well located hotel in Marseille; Attention the last part is a little steep, but the 360 ​​° view from this site located at 160 m altitude, is worth all the same effort.

A panoramic and impregnable view will allow you to gauge the very important extent of the city itself.

Some figures that will allow you to better understand the Capital of Provence: 57 km of coastline, an area more than double that of Paris Intramuros, because Marseille is a city gathering in the end 110 villages that create each of This metropolis. Unlike Paris, here no suburbs, but “neighborhoods”, to the point that even the Marseilles themselves are not always aware of the arrondissements of their own City.

Once you have impregnated your retinas of the panorama that is offered in front of you, go down towards the Vieux port by the Boulevard André Aune.

It is here that the Marseillais skiers had established their ephemeral ski run during the memorable snowfall that fell in Marseille in January 2009.

Just the time to arrive to start strolling along the quays and take a refreshing drink to the Place aux Oils, a place so named because of the merchant canal that used to pass through this place, Oil used in the manufacture of the famous Savon de Marseille.

Head towards the North side then towards the Panier district, where you can walk through the narrow streets of the little Montmartre of Marseille. The name of this particular district would find its origin in the existence in the 17th century of an inn bearing the name of “Logis du Panier”.

There you will find workshops of artists and estaminets, in this district which was known at the time to be a high place of freight traffic of all kinds and Corsican banditry before its complete rehabilitation undertaken in the 80s.

Walk through the narrow streets of Rue du Panier, rue des Muettes, or cross the Place des moulins.

Many paths lead you to tiny shops, artists’ studios and other estaminets open at all times, where you will find here to eat for a well deserved lunch break away from the noise of traffic.

Saturday afternoon

Continue to the new Joliette district, discover these new buildings, and continue with the visit of the Docks of Marseille, old warehouses converted into a Kyrielle boutiques or you can walk in the middle of a corridor serving stalls of decoration, Chic garments or restaurants, to do some shopping.

There’s something for every taste and every purse.

Do not hesitate to go up to the terrace on the top floor of the nearby shopping center where you can admire the view of the commercial port and the Estaque district located towards the north of Marseille.

You will be able to turn back towards the old port, or we recommend a stop at the Cathedral of the Major, cathedral of neo-Byzantine style in marble and porphyry built in the district of Joliette.

Then take one of the shuttles from the old port, which will allow you to discover the surroundings of Marseille by the sea, with the inevitable visit of the Calanques of Marseille & Cassis by boat.

Several circuits will be proposed, (look at our offers) go for a complete walk towards Cassis, with a highlight during the discovery of the Callanques of Sormiou, Morgiou, En Vau and Port Pin.

Allow about 3 hours for a complete walk that will take you to the beginning of the evening.

Back to the old port, do not hesitate to take the famous Ferry Boat (pronounced Ferriboaaaateu ?) which crosses the Vieux port in its width. Allow € 0.50 for the electric boat ride of about 4 minutes.

Saturday Evening second evening of your Weekend in Marseille:

Nothing like leaving you at the Vallon des Auffes, half an hour from your hotel, to enjoy an aperitif in this small fishing port nestled in the heart of Marseille, and why not stay for a dinner in front of the sea.

Sunday Morning enjoy your Weekend:

Second day to enjoy the sun, and why not try to complete the visit of what you discovered yesterday by boat, by a small easy walk on the Sea side, starting from Callelongue.

To get there, do not worry, there is a bus service from Place Castellane, which is a 5-minute walk from our hotel, by bus on lines 19 and 20 (change of bus to Madrague-Montredon).

It takes about 40 minutes by public transport, by a winding road that follows the coast on its final part.

During your Weekend in Marseille visit the marvelous port of Goudes

During your Weekend in Marseille visit the marvelous port of Goudes

You will cross the different places, such as “Les Goudes“, charming fishing village having kept all its charm; Here you arrive at the end of Marseille, the place is magic.

We advise you to reach it in the morning for your walk Sunday, especially during the season, the site being by itself very frequented in the afternoon by the Marseille wanting to afford a large bowl of air

The return by the only coastal road leading back to Pointe Rouge is indeed very likely to be very crowded (we have sometimes seen unlucky lose on journeys of more than two hours to make the few km bringing you back to Marseille Center).

From Callelongue, it’s easy to walk for about 40 minutes on a very easy path but sometimes slippery on the rocks polished by the trails of the hikers, to allow you to reach the Calanques de Marseille veyre, there Or waiting for you crystal clear water and a tiny beach but so nice.

You will enjoy a magnificent view of the Archipelago of Riou and its islands such as Maïre, Tiboulen or Jarre.

For the bravest, try soaking a foot in a water that can be fresh for the season, especially if the Mistral has blown these days. The temperature of the water can thus drop by about ten degrees in a single night under the action of this wind coming from the Rhodanian corridor, this one pushing the hot waters from surface to the sea.

To return to Callelongue, count about the same journey time. The most courageous will be able to try to push this way further towards the Calanque de Queyron located about fifteen minutes from Marseilleveyre.

Back from your walk, stop at the bar located at the exit of the village of Goudes, 20000 Lieux Sous la Bière (a name that can not be invented …) for a refreshing break, a light lunch and a nice view of the port With its Pointus, real fishing boats lining up along the quay.

Sunday Afternoon of your Week-End in Marseille

Back to the center of Marseille, you can enjoy the sun if time permits, for a relaxing break to the beaches of Prado, completely refurbished for your comfort.

You can also make a detour by the Parc Borely and its magnificent French garden, where you can drink in the refreshment bar, discovering the different plant species of the botanical garden that decorate this park built in the nineteenth century.

So ready for the three-days weekend ?

Obviously, we are aware that we were not exhaustive in our idea of ​​weekend

Reason more not to delay to return to Marseilles, or so many other places remain to be discovered

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