The sound of our Canebière


What to do on your Sunday ? Come listen to the sound of our Canebière

In 2019, in Marseille, La Canebière will experience rich and joyous musical moments. Come listen to the sound of our Canebière.

On the Year of the Year of the Gastronomy 2019 and the Sundays of the Canebière, eclectic festival, the last Sunday of month will never be a day where there is nothing to do.
On Sunday, he will have the Sound of our Canebière. But that’s just what it can be?
It’s a musical rendezvous offered every last Sunday of the month, at the top of the Canebière, on the Place des Danaïdes.

And the programming is a reflection of Marseille, its spirit, its energy and its madness: plural, mixed and open to the world.

The programming of the Sound of our Canebière is called all the riches of Marseille and its music: hip-hop and rap, of course, but also the autro, reggae, dub, pop, or flamenco, world music and even classical music. Various and amazing, this programming as said to be Marseille.

The sound of our Canebière : plural Marseille

Music, there will be, so, but also meeting spaces, we can share and exchange between each other. Through exhibitions, radio sets, conferences and many more upcoming events.

As part of the year Provence Gastronomie 2019, cuisine and culinary culture will also be highlighted. The Association La Meson will serve as accompaniments for the mouthing of the various forms as well as for musical programming: food-trucks, chefs and neighborhood producers will combine their expertise to the music of these happy Sundays.

So, take advantage of May’s Bank Hollidays to come to discover the site of our Canebière, passionate of Provençal gastronomy and taking advantage of the big weekend in Marseilles.

The Sundays of the Canebière were launched on February 28, with an animation designed for the circus arts. They make live this district emblematic of the Phocaean city to the great animation, for big and small.

The Sound of our Canebière is part of this calendar since March 31st. Based on their success in previous years, they were held throughout the year until December 29, 2019.
You can find the program on


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