At the entrance of Marseille explore the creeks


Explore the creeks of Marseille !

The month of August settles in Marseille as in the rest of France. Lucky holiday tourists and Marseillais all have the same urge : find a little slice of paradise to take a dip and bask in the sun. This is the ideal time to take a stroll in the creeks, in search of a quiet place to enjoy the slow pace of summer.

Only worry: which place to choose? How to avoid the crowd? Because they are very popular and since the creeks national park was created, they have become world famous. This land and sea park, insular but also perimetric: it is the first of its kind in Europe.

Visit the creeks (c) Pixabay

Visit the creeks (c) Pixabay

Walking on the hiking trails, by boat, or even, why not, underwater scuba diving in Marseille which is the ideal starting point to explore these beautiful cliffs that throw themselves headlong into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. And if the landscape and the islands of the creeks are breathtakingly beautiful, the cliffs also shelter rare species of birds, which come to breed there: grand duke, peregrine falcon, or eagles …

Go visit the creeks from the Old Port

From the Old Port in Marseille, you can take a shuttle and thanks to the proximity of our hotel in Marseille ! By road, you are in the heart of the Calanques National Park, in the Frioul archipelago ! Also remember to take your swimsuit and also mask and snorkel to take a look at the surface. And from the marked trails of the islands of Pomègues or Ratonneau, you can observe the coves enjoying a breathtaking view overlooking the bay of Marseille.

And while you’re there, do not go back to port without visiting the famous If castle! If you prefer sea-faring and you like to venture off the marked trails, take a shuttle bus: towards Cassis and La Ciotat, you will admire the coasts of the national park of the creeks in the middle of the beautiful blue.

Do not leave Marseille without visiting the coves during your stay in Marseille!

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