September at Sea in Marseille


Discover September at Sea in Marseille

Summer is finished. So what ? Should we stop thinking about the beach, the waves, the good weather? No way ! In Marseille, the return is “September at sea in Marseille“. A whole month turned around the maritime world.
From September 1st to 30th, there will be something for everyone. Curious, in love with the sea, sportsmen, young and old, everyone will find something to have fun, be moved and approach the return of the right foot by making the summer last. More than two hundred events and events during this September at Sea in Marseille will allow you to explore the environment, science, industrial and maritime heritage and history.

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Change your point of view on the sea in Marseille in September
Inaccessible places usually will open their doors. Take the opportunity to visit the site of the Navy (but be careful, remember to register, for obvious security reasons), discover the cornice of Marseille aboard a boat that will take you from the Old Port to the Pointe Rouge or again the Planier lighthouse from Friuli and the Old Port. You like to sail, do you prefer to be interested in what is under the sea rather than on the coast? But under the sea, you still have to go. You have to be able to explore. It takes men, knowledge, equipment, skills … And if you were going to take a look at Comex during this month of September at sea in Marseille? From 17 years old, visit the hyperbaric chambers of the test center and the hydrosphere.

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Get to know the sea in September

For the youngest, go to the house of the sea and its aquarium, to learn all about the riches of the marine world of the Marseille and Mediterranean coast and its greatest threats. The youngest will be able to participate in educational workshops while the older ones will attend a conference on “Mediterranean marine biodiversity” and that everyone will be able to gather around a fun quiz to test their knowledge. And as it is good to know the sea and its ecosystem, but it is even better to protect this wealth, take a little time to participate in cleaning the beaches of Friuli or the nautical base of Corbiere.

But still: initiations to sea kayaking, wakeboarding, sailing, paddle or even to the Polynesian canoe … September at sea in Marseille are guided walks, circus, stories … All to spend a month of September at sea link:  and enjoy all the marvels that can offer Marseille.

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