The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens


The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens: Six thousand years of Mediterranean history in Marseille

Do you know the Mediterranean Archeology Museum ?

As the name suggests, it takes you into the meanders of history. And, like the collections it houses, it is not new, in the landscape of Marseilles. Why, then, talk about it?

Simply because from March 8, the permanent Middle East and Mediterranean Basin will reopen. Six thousand years … It is nothing less than six thousand years of history that you can travel all around the Mediterranean.

Did you know that major inventions were born here? In this part of the globe? With this story that unfolds from the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, but also Greece and its banks, until Roman Italy through the most symbolic Mediterranean islands, you will discover knowledge still used today.

Technical progress that still accompanies us in our daily lives without even being aware of it. Beyond the object, this temporary exhibition of the museum offers us the link between the object and the man, between sociology and history …

In the different spaces, the visitor navigates between technical: invention of glass, writing, copper alloys … All these techniques are related to the needs and constraints that drove artisans and technicians to create the develop and use them.

The second Egyptian collection of France is in Marseille

Beyond this route, the Mediterranean Archeology Museum is also home to the largest collection of French Egyptian antiquities, behind that of the opus.

A little known feature of this museum, which has real historical treasures. How was this collection made? With patience and at the mercy of archaeological excavations and discoveries sometimes amazing and related to chance.

And although the Egyptian collection is remarkable and remarkable, thanks to its scenography, which allows a total immersion of the visitor and a disconnection of everyday life, the trip offered by the museum begins in Mesopotamia.

The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens in Marseille: six thousand years of history

The Mediterranean Archeology Museum reopens in Marseille: six thousand years of history

He then takes you to Cyprus, where his civilization is revealed to the visitor through his archaic figurines and ceramics. Greece then invites itself into the journey, before Rome, which is illustrated through glasses, bronzes and antique marbles.

By pushing the doors of the Mediterranean Archeology Museum , you will cross the borders of the Mediterranean according to periods, prehistory, history, through geography and daily life.

A journey through ‘space and time that will make you know and love even more the Mediterranean and its shores.

Practical information :

Price: 6 euros / 3 euros reduced rate
Opening hours: 9h30 to 18h from Tuesday to Sunday

Go to the Mediterranean Archeology Museum :

Address: 2 rue de la charité in Marseille 13002
Metro Line 2 – Joliette Station
Tram line 2 – Republic Ladies Stop
Bus line 55 – Stop République

From the hotel: 14 min TramT3 then 5 ‘walk
From Rome Dragon Station 5 min every 7 min

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