Soprano rapper invites 15,000 singers to the Marseille’s Velodrome


Soprano rapper invites 15,000 singers to the Marseille’s Velodrome

The Marseilles rapper Soprano has announced that he wants to fill a bend in the Velodrome stadium in Marseilles with 15,0000 professional and amateur singers of all ages.

The Marseilles Soprano wants to gather 15,000 singers to accompany him at his next concert on May 30th at the Velodrome stadium in Marseilles.

The strength of the Vélodrome

“Accompanied by 15,000 backing singers, Soprano will revisit his greatest hits, but also sing with his guests their biggest hits and timeless hits from French and international music. Undoubtedly the most grandiose show of the year 2020”, announced the organisers of this concert, whose tickets have been on sale since Tuesday.

“The strength of the Velodrome is still the fans, the songs,” the artist stressed in an interview published in the Wednesday 15 January edition of La Provence, to make “a small gift for (his) city”. A call for applications will soon be launched on social networks to recruit the 15,000 singers, open to choirs from all over France.

About ten invited artists

During this concert, Soprano also wants to invite a dozen or so “urban music, variety” artists and DJs. “I’ve always dreamt of doing a festival with lots of artists at the Vélodrome,” he says, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do every two years. Drake’s doing it in Toronto,” he adds. “The idea is to mix all styles so that all generations can have fun and enjoy themselves.

The 41-year-old former child from the northern districts of Marseilles is one of France’s biggest sellers of albums and last year filled two Vélodrome venues. He explains that he started singing in a choir, “in the Comorian Muslim gospels” and has “always been a fan of voices singing in unison”.

In June, the rapper performed at the Marsatac festival in Marseilles for a unique reunion date with Psy 4 de la Rime, the group with whom he broke into the hip hop scene in the 2000s. Soprano is also preparing a new album, Chasseur d’étoiles, due for release after the end of 2020.


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