Specialities of Marseille: Marseille dishes


Specialities of Marseille : Marseille dishes

What are the culinary specialities of Marseille, and where can you taste them?
Ah, how many times do I get asked this question, when my team and I welcome the guests who give us the pleasure of staying in our Hotel in Marseille….

How can we answer this question? What addresses should we give you, dear customers, so that you are not disappointed by our advice that we wish to inform you of?

Because in a way, if we want to advise you wisely, we will first need to know your intentions.

And first of all, to ask yourself what your budget would be for your agape.

If you do not want to spend more than ten Euros, it will be difficult for us to recommend a restaurant in Marseille serving food made of traditional regional dishes such as the famous Bouillabaisse for example.

Indeed, if we let it get easier, it would be enough to send you to a few margoulins who would simply serve you a vulgar fish soup with canned Atlantic fish, and who would sell their “soup” for an authentic bouillabaisse. A good hearer hello !

We make a point of avoiding falling into the trap of ease, which consists in sending you to any restaurant.

A first rule is the same for all local specialities: a real restaurant that treats you to quality local products is expensive…….

But here we are, what are these specialities of Marseille ?

Here are some of them known or less known

The bouillabaisse :

This is THE specialty of Marseille. Originally, this fishermen’s dish was prepared with the products they took out of their net, and with which they cooked this simple dish for themselves and their family.

Over time, this traditional dish has been enriched and the way it is prepared has been improved.

Generally speaking, this recipe is served in two separate dishes : one containing the broth, and the other the fish cut in front of the customers for whom it is served.

“Rouille” (mayonnaise made from garlic, egg yolk and saffron) is served on croutons of bread.

What makes up a good bouillabaisse ?

First of all, local fish : Rougets, Grondins, Anglerfish, Capons, Vive et conger constitute this dish ; run away if you are served salmon in your bouillabaisse !

The whole is bathed in a broth, accompanied by potatoes.

The Foot Packets :

This traditional dish is mainly served in Autumn and Winter.

This dish is a rib-sticker, since it was originally the traditional snack of the workers in Marseille in the old days

It consists mainly of lamb offal, in the form of a belly stuffed with lean pork, garlic and chopped parsley, all simmered in a sauce made with white wine tomato and Provencal herbs.

Cooking this dish can take up to eight hours over low heat.

“Les navettes de Marseille” (The Marseille Shuttles)

These small biscuits are particularly appreciated by connoisseurs during the traditional end-of-year celebrations, especially at La Chandeleur.

These are crunchy tray-shaped biscuits, flavoured with orange blossom.

The Pistou soup (basil soup)

It is a soup that is mainly enjoyed in summer.

This vegetable soup is made up of white, red, green, zucchini, potato, pasta (sometimes) and white, red and green beans in its many classic variants. It is accompanied by a mixture of garlic, olive oil, parmesan and basil forming a kind of “ointment”, prepared with mortar.

Anchoïade and tapenade

To be enjoyed as an aperitif, these two specialities are made with anchovies crushed in olive oil, pitted olive pulp, parsley garlic and vinegar for one, to which are added aromatic herbs such as thyme, bay leaf, rosemary, savory and pickled tuna to obtain the second one.

These preparations can be enjoyed as such, on croutons, or with your starters and main courses. Many chefs use it to serve their dishes.

Whatever the dishes you want to taste, do not hesitate to call on our services when making your reservations, to allow you to spend a good time in the Phocaean capital.


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