Erwin Wurm exhibits at the Cantini Museum in Marseille

Erwin Wurm exhibits at the Cantini Museum in Marseille

In Marseille, Erwin Wurm diverts the daily life to the Cantini Museum
Summer in Marseille is in full swing. You can enjoy the fresh air : stroll, sea, beaches, creeks, sunbathing… But all kinds of cultural activities are available to you, whereas you don’t necessarily have the time during the rest of the year. Why don’t you go to the Cantini Museum? Yes, yes, at the museum to see the Erwin Wurm exhibition

Whether you want to occupy a rainy day, escape the heat wave in an air-conditioned place or simply discover works and artists during your stay on the Mediterranean coast, all the reasons are valid.

And why not discover a surprising artist in a place you may know less about? Erwin Wurm could have invested the Marseille Museum of Contemporary Art (the[mac]), but it is at the Cantini Museum that the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm presents his main works.

Photos, videos, sculptures, performances: he enjoys turning objects away from everyday life to give them meaning, denouncing the failings of our consumer society, questioning and changing the way we look at them. The exhibition poster features one of his sculptures of obese cars, with which he denounces the failings of our consumer society. He will also exhibit his Fat Mini 2019 for the first time in France, in the heart of Brexit.

Two other Marseilles locations welcome Erwin Wurm

Some of his works, such as the “One-Minute Sculptures”, which made him famous in the 1990s, can be seen in another important cultural centre in Marseille: the Fine Arts Museum. The concept? To allow the spectator to interact by creating his own sculpture, with everyday objects such as sweaters, and to immortalize these creations on Polaroids.

A fun and accessible way for everyone to enter contemporary art, by diverting objects from everyday life.
The Old Charity Centre, for its part, hosts a third part of the Austrian artist’s work: Narrow House

The Cantini Museum : the art of our time in Marseille

This museum, a former private mansion built in 1694, is unfortunately less well known than the Mucem or the[mac]. Over the years, however, it has established itself as one of Marseille’s major cultural and artistic sites.

Its exhibitions and collections are devoted to the so-called “modern” period, from the beginning of the 20th century to the end of the 1960s. It can be proud to offer today, in the Phocaean city, one of the most beautiful French public collections of 20th century works. An essential visit for any visit to Marseille.

Practical informations : The Cantini Museum is very close to the Edmond Rostand Hotel in Marseille, it is 8 minutes by foot towards the old port.
Cantini Museum
19 Grignan Street
13006 Marseille
Open from 9:30 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

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