Manifesta 13 in 2020 in Marseille

Manifesta 13 in 2020 in Marseille

What is Manifesta ?

It is the one and only traveling biennial in the world. Biennial of what? Well, when it was created in the early 90s by Hedwig Fijen, a Dutch art historian, it was an event mainly focused on contemporary art.

But it has evolved over the years, requests, meetings, events. Today, she mixes art from several disciplines, touching on various fields, such as art, education, contemporary culture, urban development and mediation.

This year, the edition is called Traits d’unions.s. Manifesta’s objective is to invite itself into society, politics, and to bring cultural and social together. By placing human and ecology at the heart of its thinking for the past few years.

For two years, many disciplines are invited to each edition: screenings, exhibitions, publications, installations, interventions in urban space, conferences, workshops and educational activities.

Why Marseille ?

The Marseille city is the ideal city to continue the dialogue started by Manifesta on the challenges Europe is currently facing. Marseille will also be perfect for developing research and forging links between culture and society

Its multitude of cultural contexts makes it possible to reflect with its citizens on global issues on social, economic and political developments. After the previous edition in Palermo in 2018, this choice makes sense in the list of Manifesta host cities, before Pristina, in 2022.

Manifesta 13 space in the heart of Marseille

Each edition of Manifesta is organized by a team made up of both local specialists and international staff. Everything is done in concert between the offices located in Amsterdam and Marseille.

Espace Manifesta 13, the true “headquarters” of Manifesta 13, is located in one of the most emblematic historic buildings in the city center, the former Espace culture, at 42 La Canebière.

This place of meeting and exchange is open to everyone, and especially to the ponds of the neighborhood wishing to come to dialogue, share and learn. Artistic events will be scheduled there throughout the year: readings, exhibitions, meetings with artists …

Manifesta 13 aims to give local institutions, associations and cultural players the opportunity to forge links, exchange views and co-create with researchers, artists and architects.

2020 will truly be the year of an ongoing dialogue between the arts, culture, society … and Marseille.

Program and information:

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