31° Festival Instants videos of Marseille


The Instants Vidéo de Marseille makes its festival in November

Thirty years past, the festival Les Instants Vidéo de Marseille opens for its 31st edition on November 7th.

This year, the title of the International Festival of Video instants in Marseille is promising: “Humans of all countries, caress! ”

Voluntarily provocative, this expression puts forward the objective of this event: meetings between internationally renowned artists and the public, as often, but also between various disciplines relating directly or indirectly to the video, digital and poetic arts.

This is, as every year, a title and not a theme for the festival. Each artist is free to take inspiration from it or not. Like the title of a poem collection, it gathers behind its cover a true constellation “poétronique”, composed of exhibitions, projections, performances, meetings, concerts, debates and antics and an opera in three acts and three days.

This unprecedented revolutionary opera will be given from 9 to 11 November to celebrate May 68 and the 2000 years of the poet Ovid: to transform the world (revolution) and change life (poetry).
In total, no less than 244 works (210 singles, 26 installations, 5 performances, a concert and an opera) will be presented at La Belle Mai’s Friche by 190 artists from 46 countries.

Video announcement of the 31 festival of video moments of Marseille

31es Instants Vidéo (2018) from instants video on Vimeo.

The body in all its states
Two exhibitions will welcome visitors from November 9 to December 2.
“There is absolute danger only for those who surrender” at the Panorama Tower, 3rd floor.
About fifteen artists will invite us to find a new posture, to move to find a new point of view that does not blind us. They will challenge us on the state in which are the bodies of the human beings in these times where a part of the humanity tolerates that its peers from elsewhere are rejected, parked, abandoned to the waves, unwanted …?

“The body as far as the eye can see” in the machine room
Four artists offer us a reflection on the relationship between man and the environment, nature. “Does the absence of any human presence in a space mean that it is empty, desert? ”

Visiting Marseille for a few days, a few weeks or a few years, come and discover this festival of Instants Vidéo of Marseille, a real laboratory where artists and works of international reputation rub shoulders and works still fragile, in preparation, delicate.

Full program, schedules and access to the festival website: www.instantsvideo.com

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