Tendance Clown 2019 : laughing in Marseille


Tendance Clown 2019 : take the time to laugh in Marseille

Clowns. You like, you fear, they amuse you or leave you indifferent … But do you really know them?

Marseille, you offer the opportunity to get to know the clown, the clowns, the pendant in May. From May 10 to 26, the Tendance Clown 2019 festival invests Marseille for the fourteenth edition, under the voice of the Daiki Ling, but also in different places of the Phocaean city. Tendance Clown 2019, it is not less than 13 companies, including 5 of Marseille and its region. There are 16 performances, of which 8 are free and open to all.

Clowns, a changing art

If you see the clowns as the artists who play the idiots and chase the ridiculous gaffes and falls to make people laugh, then you will probably learn a lot. Learn to discover the craft of clowns. Learn to love clowns differently. Learn to explore all facets of this shifting and changing art.

Marseillais or tourists visiting, clowns await you at the Daiki Ling, the Jardin des Muses, but also in the city, the big show. Bagatelle and Billoux, Moncler Unicycle, Fridge in Orbit, Prehistoric Circus and Where will take place a culinary carnage and fusinist totally enjoyable.

You know no hotel in Marseille ? Have you ever thought of booking a night ? What if you were trying to stay in an imaginary hotel? This is what you invite the Italian company “Luigi Ciotta” on the place des Halles Delacroix in Noailles. Remember to take your bags!

Wanted to Baumettes!

This is a dream is a self-antitraining, the clowns isinventent also in closed environments : the penitentiary of the Baumettes hosts a western called “Wanted”. Men, women and men will then be able to enjoy the two days of artistic practice, articulated around the animated spectacle and animated by the artists of the company Bruital Cie, at the creation of this show.

And on May 26, for the finale of Tendance Clown 2019, the vaults of the Daiki Ling will welcome the end of the festival. Will this finish go until the mix is ​​endorsed in the evening, with Viktor French? Mystery!…

Find the full program of the festival on the Dakiling website


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