Exhibition memories of the Cayolle’s district at the museum of history of Marseille


Exhibition memories of the Cayolle’s district at the museum of history of Marseille

Marseille is a changing city, surprising and multiple. It has its own identity, of course, but it is also declined over its streets and neighborhoods, including that of Cayolle.

If some of them have a reputation that is not to be done, like the Old Port or Cannebière, others are less famous. This is the case of the district of Cayolle. An area rich in history and carrying a precious memory.

La Cayolle a transit district

South of Marseille and at the entrance of the national park of creeks, the district of Cayolle reveals its history. This part of passage and transition has welcomed over the years many arrivals, expats by will or by force. This section of the contemporary history of the Phocaean city is traced through a multimedia device that traces the history of the transit communities that made its history: Indochinese colonial workers, Tunisian and Moroccan Jews, Maghrebi immigrants …

The Grand Arenas camp, in particular, is highlighted in this exhibition on the district of Cayolle: the visitor will discover all the movements he knew and welcomed until 1966. Thanks to slideshows, documentary films and Multimedia interactive production, housing and urban development have also been traced since 1944.

From emergency facilities after 1945 to the setting up of commercial activity zones, including relocation cities and the slums, it is a whole part of the contemporary history of Marseille which is revealed to everyone, through the eyes of those who lived it.

Meetings in Marseille until June 2020

The themes highlighted in the exhibition on the district of Cayolle will be declined until the doors of the summer of 2020 at the discretion of many events, free and open to all. They begin Saturday, October 12, 2019, with a sound installation proposing several tales and strolls on Marseille and its moving identities: “The tales of Cayolle with Florent Fresneau”, a “free sound walk: the alley of Calanques” and “The Cayolle, another story of Marseille.

Urban walks or walks through the memories of the inhabitants, ears wide open at the foot of the hills, let you tell and tell Marseille as you have never heard.

The walks will continue every month until June. And music lovers will enjoy a concert on January 19, 2020 with “the small violins of Calanques”. This group of the school of Calanques in Cayolle will offer a program of world music, like the neighborhood and its history.
A great opportunity to discover Marseille by diving into the heart of its history.

Exhibition Memories of the district of Cayolle: 1944-2019

Dates : From September 21, 2019 to June 7, 2020
Place : Marseille History Museum
Address : 2, rue Henri-Barbusse – Exchange Center – 13001 Marseille –
Opening hours : Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am to 6pm – Free admission
Website : http://musee-histoire.marseille.fr


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