In Marseille, we did not invent anything !


In Marseille, we did not invent anything !

In Marseille we did not invent anything“, it is an exhibition that is held at the history museum of Marseille since June 15 and until November 24.

The museum is a 17-minute walk from our Dragon Street Hotel in Marseille

In full year “Marseille-Provence-Gastronomie” (site), the departmental museum Arles antique and the museum of history of Marseille invite you to travel in time. “We did not invent anything!

Products, commerce and gastronomy in Roman Antiquity “takes the visitor through ancient packaging and containers found mainly during underwater excavations in the Rhone. By putting these objects in view with our contemporary objects, in the same windows, he then jumps to the eyes that “we did not invent anything! “.

This formula, borrowed from everyday language, often comes up in conversations, but may seem surprisingly used here. What do you mean ?! We would not have invented anything in terms of cooking, packaging, containers, since ancient times? We must believe that no! Labels found on excavation products and well preserved strangely recall the labels of our current packaging.

All these objects are accompanied by ancient texts (cooking recipes, agronomy treatises, …), which support and illustrate in a different and original way this idea, proposing a point of view a little different.
Objects, texts, … And our taste buds, in all this?

Gourmet rendezvous and walks in Marseille

On the sidelines of the exhibition, a few appointments are offered to make the most of the event. Conferences, guided tours, screenings, urban walks or tastings … Note the events not to be missed:

  • On the weekend of 21 and 22 September, all day long, the Port will welcome – right after its reopening – a tasting of Roman gastronomy. You can taste and discover the Roman flavors and leave with a small basket “take away” And on Sunday, attend a Greco-Roman buffet, a reconstruction of a banquet Plato Nero, the rhythm of Greek and Latin readings on ancient cuisine.
  • October 30, 2019: tasting workshop to discover Roman gastronomy. It will be held from 12h to 13h and is open to accompanied children, from 6 years.
  • Saturday, September 28, October 19 and November 16: urban walks on the theme “wine, nectar of Marseilles”.
  • Saturdays September 7th, October 5th and November 9th: tasting in the Panier district «We have not invented anything since ancient times! “

What to occupy your palates for a few months and prove to you, if it were needed, that the gastronomy of Marseille has its place in history.

Information, reservations and registrations for the ” In Marseille we did not invent anything” exhibition : +33 (0) 4 91 55 36 00 or musee-histoire @
Website of the Museum of History of Marseille (


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