Is Marseille better than Nice ?


Is Marseille better Than Nice ?

Marseille and Nice are charming French cities, the largest on the French Riviera, with the first city ahead of the second. Tourists come here every year in large numbers to contemplate great natural and cultural wonders. If you have decided to settle in the south-east of France and you don’t know which city to choose, you can choose, without regret, one of these towns. To help you make your choice with much more serenity, follow this “match” Is Marseille Better than Nice. In the end, you will have good reasons to prefer one over the other.

Populations and lifestyles

In terms of number of inhabitants, Marseille has the upper hand over Nice. Indeed, the Marseilles city is the second largest municipality in France, with more than 850,000 people living on its soil in 2013. As for Nice, the 2014 census counted around 345,000 inhabitants.

In terms of lifestyles, it must be said that the two cities are neck and neck with very similar cultures. However, there are some notable differences.

Why Marseille is better than Nice

By publishing 19 “proofs” that Nice is better than Marseille, our Nice-Matin newspaper launched the “hostilities” some years ago. We had to respond to wash away the affront. Football, gastronomy, personalities, lifestyle… the ten reasons, strewn with a bit of home-made bad faith, why Marseille is far above Nice.

1. Because forever the first

Indeed, OGC Nice are top of Ligue 1 and finished ahead of OM in the league for the first time in 30 years last season. However, in terms of prize list, enthusiasm, fervour and media power, the Nice club still have a long way to go to catch up with the Olympians. Marseille: forever the first, Nice: forever the palm trees.

2. Because it’s as quick to do Paris-Marseille as Nice-Marseille

Or almost… by TGV from Marseille it takes 3 hours to go to Paris (775 km) and 2h30 to go to Nice (200 km). And given the delays and postponements of the section, this is not about to change. There is talk of the project being completed in 2050.
As far as urban transport is concerned, Marseille is also ahead of the game with its two metro lines, while Nice has to make do with the tramway.

3. Because pebbles hurt

Yes, the beach of Nice is in the center of the city, yes it is internationally known. But pebbles are not possible. Bad feet, bad buttocks, bad back… we are much happier in Marseille with our almost sandy beaches.

4. Because Google says so

A small tour on Google Trends and it is the confirmation, in the search engine Marseille is well ahead of Nice.

5. Because Nice does not have the calanques (creeks)

Need to add more? Hey Guys … The calanques !!

Calanques de Provence
Calanques de Provence

The Sormiou Calanque, located in the national park of the calanques is certainly one of he most famous.

6. Because Zidane is better than Amalfitano

Because Eric The King is better than Eric Roy (thanks SoFoot).
Because Frédéric Mistral was awarded the nobel prize for literature, which is moreover in Provençal, 104 years before Le Clézio.
Because Titoff is much funnier than Mado la Niçoise.
Because Patrice Laffont (Fort Boyard) has much more class than Fabrice (La Classe).
Because Rolland Courbis is a better magician than Gérard Majax.
Because Soprano is better than Marc Toesca.
Because Patrick Fiori… nothing.

7. Because there’s no TV séries about Nice

Reality TV and the whole “Marseillais à…” series broadcast on W9 in particular may not be the noblest and most flattering example for Marseilles, but it also reveals the aura of the city and its inhabitants.
There are countless series and films that make the city a main actor in their plot.

For Nice it’s the dead calm, so much so that Brice is still waiting there for his wave.

8. Because Marseille inspires the greatest

Paul Cézanne, Le Golfe de Marseille vu de l'Estaque, 1885, Chicago, Fine arts museum
Paul Cézanne, Le Golfe de Marseille vu de l’Estaque, 1885, Chicago, Fine arts museum

And it has been for a very long time…

Joseph Vernet, Interior of the port of Marseille, 1754.
Joseph Vernet, Interior of the port of Marseille, 1754.

A long, long time…

Giotto di Bondone, The Journey of Mary Magdalene to Marseilles, 1320…
Giotto di Bondone, The Journey of Mary Magdalene to Marseilles, 1320…

9. Because in Marseilles the cruise is much more fun.

5th Mediterranean port in 2015, in constant progression over the last 4 years, Marseille welcomes over a million cruise passengers. The port of Nice is much further behind.

10. Because we eat better in Marseille

In its 2016 edition, the Gault et Millau places Marseille ahead of Nice. The city of Marseille is in front with more selected restaurants and a better average score (12.08 against 11.89). Same observation with the Michelin guide which gave eight stars to the Marseilles establishments against five for Nice. Marseilles dishes are more famous. And icing on the cake, Marseilles is the French capital, some would say the world capital, of the pizza

We could have talked about it:

  • Because the “Marseillaise” is a national anthem and the “Niçoise” is a salad…
  • Because writing “Nice” in four Hollywood letters wouldn’t have been visible from far away.
  • Cause saying “Go OM” is a lot easier than saying “Go OGCN”.

If you too think that Marseille is much better than Nice, let us know!


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